Kyorugi Draw and Taekwondo Detailed Schedule




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Official Schedule


The General Technical Meeting, where the presence of each head of the delegation is obligatory and will be held on the 24th July afternoon.



The taekwondo competition will be held in the Coimbra University Stadium





Training session will be provided in the same venues as the competition field.




The equipment will be in acordance with the EUSA regulations and requirements as well as the official EJU equipment. 


The Organising Committee will provide DAEDO PSS G1 system with E-headgears (GEN1). The E-Socks from Daedo are to be brought by the athletes themselves. It is compulsory for the contestants to provide all other parts of the protective equipment according to the regulations of the WTF.



E-trunk protector - G1

E-socks - Could be G1 or G2 (athletes responsability)

E-head protection - G1



Protocol will be handled in general according to the EUSA regulations. The OC has the intention of involving academic groups from University of Coimbra in the major protocol ceremonies.


Opening Ceremony will be staged respecting the following programme:


1. Playing of the national anthem of the organising country and rising up the flag of the host country.

2. March pass of the participating countries. Each delegation is preceded by a panel with its name and accompanied with its flag. The delegations will march in the alphabetic order of the language of the country organising the Games or in one of the EUSA official language, the host country marching in last. The symbol of the participating delegations as well as the panels will be provided by the Organising Committee and will all be of the same size.

3. The President of the Organising Committee gives a welcome speech of maximum three (3) minutes.

4. EUSA EC Representative gives a speech of maximum 3 minutes and invites the highest authority of the host country present to declare the event open.

5. The highest authority of the host country present declares the games open.

6. Arrival of the EUSA flag.

7. Playing of the EUSA anthem and raising up the EUSA flag.

8. Cultural programme.


Closing ceremony will at least include the following event:

1. Playing the national anthem of the host country

2. Entrance of the flags of the participating countries

3. March pass of the participants in mixed order.

4. Closing speech of the President of the Organising Committee

5. Closing speech of the EUSA EC representative.

6. Handing-on of the EUSA flag.

7. Playing of the EUSA anthem and lowering down of the EUSA flag.

8. Cultural program


For the victory ceremonies of medal awarding to the victors, the EUSA flag will be raised and the Gaudeamus Igitur will be played. The official languages shall be English.


Competition Information

Total courts - Kyorugi:  2 competition areas

Total courts - Poomsae:  1 competition area


Poomsae competition: 25th of July
Kyorugi Competition: 26th & 27th of July.


PSS – System: Daedo PSS electronic body protectors with E-helmet will be provided from OC. All athletes must bring their own E-Sensor socks.  All athletes must bring their own full equipment according to WTF competition rules.



Duration of Contest:

a) Preliminary to Semi-Final Competitions 2 rounds of 2 min each, with 1 min rest period

b) Final Competitions 3 rounds of 2 minutes each, with 1 min rest period


Video Replay (IVR): 1 request per competition


Mode of competitions: Elimination System for Recognized Poomsae competitions

Cut- off system for free style poomsae competitions

Double Elimination System for Kyorugi competitions


Draw and Seeding: Electronic drawing shall be organised by the OC under supervision of the EUSA Technical Delegates. A certain number of athletes may be seeded based on their ranks in the WTF world ranking, according to the guidelines stipulated in the WTF world ranking.



                  Place: on Campus (accreditation building)

                  Date: July 24, 2017

                  Time: (19:00 to 20:00 h)


Recognized Poomsae Competition Guideline


  • Classification of Competitions:

                  Man’s Individual & Women‘s Individual


  • Compulsory Poomsae for Individual (Male & Female):

                  Taegeuk 6, 7, 8 Jang, Koryo, Keumgang, Taeback, Pyongwon, Shipjin

                  Every performed Poomsae will be drawn by lot. Required poomsae from the corresponding compulsory poomsae shall be drawn by TD and announced by the organising committee on Wednesday 20th of July, 2017. 

                 The Poomsae have to be presented in the same order as they were drawn. In each round different Poomsae will be performed.

                  The TD & organizer reserves the right to reduce the number of Poomsae to be performed in the preliminary and the semi final rounds to one (1) Poomsae. In the final two Poomsae are presented.


  • Competition Rules:

Latest WTF Poomsae competition rules in force shall apply.


  • Method of competitions:

Elimination tournament system (alterations reserved without notice).

Two Poomsae from designated Compulsory Poomsae for each division must be performed for all rounds.


  • Duration of Contest:

Recognized Poomsae: Individual competitions from 30 seconds to 90 seconds.

Break time between 1st poomsae and 2nd poomsae is 30 to 60 seconds.

Free Style Poomsae Competition Guideline

(alterations reserved without notice)


  1. Composition of Free Style Poomsae

                  1.1. Yeon-mu line shall choice of contestant.

                  1.2.  Music & choreography shall be choice of a contestant. However, it should not contain any political, social and religious contents. 

                  1.3. Performed techniques must be within boundary of Taekwondo. 


  1. Division 

                  2.1 Individual: Male / Female 


  1. Duration of Contest 

                  3.1. 60 to 70 seconds.


  1. Scoring Criteria 

                  4.1. Scoring shall be made in accordance with the rules of the WTF.


                  4.2. The types of foot techniques designated by WTF Poomsae Committee are as follows:


                  4.2.1.  Heights of jump – Side kick (in case of pair and team division, entire team members must perform this technique)

                  4.2.2.  Number of kicks in a jump – Front kick (at least one member of the team must  perform this technique)

                  4.2.3.  Gradient of spins in a spin kick - Spinning hook kick or turning kick (at least one member of the team must perform this technique)

                  4.2.4.    Performance level of consecutive kicks – Kyorugi style kick (at least one member  of the team must perform this technique) *3~5 bouncing steps is    mandatory before executing the Kyorugi style kicks.

                  4.2.5.    Acrobatic actions – Any acrobatic action performance with TKD style kick(s) (at least one member of the team must perform this technique).TKD kick (s) must be performed with the knee extension (example: Apchagi)


                  4.3. Point shall be awarded only if athletes perform the techniques in the above order (Article 4.2). Each foot technique shall be up to five run-up.


                  4.5. All of the following stances must be included in the performance at least once (in case of pair and team division, entire team members must perform these  stances): 

-       Dwitkubi (Backward inflection stance)

-       Beom-seogi (Tiger stance) &

-       Hakdari-seogi (Crane stance) 


  1. Music 

                  5.1. The music for the free style poomsae competition has to be brought by the competitors as MP3 on a CD or USB (with name & division of contestant) and is submitted to OC by registration / accreditation.No Performance without music!



  1. Method of competitions:


6.1      Cut off system (alterations reserved without notice).

6.2      Only one round (final round), independent of the number of athletes.





 Recognized Poomsae

List of the compulsary Poomsae